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Everyone is talking about Crypto. Reason enough to introduce you to the bitcoin casinos of our choice ! We focus on your security in a bitcoin casino and reveal whether payments with crypto are really anonymous are.

    1. Game Selection in Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casinos are usually the most modern on the market. This also means that the Software manufacturers and security standards are up to date .

You can look forward to the following game selection in Bitcoin Casinos :

  • slot machines

  • Jackpot Slots

  • table games

  • card and dice games

  • live casino

You can test games free of charge in demo mode and activate all associated bonus offers . Some casinos have separate Bitcoin bonus offers to choose from.

In the next paragraph I will explain how you can deposit in your Bitcoin Casino with crypto .

    1. Brand new Crypto casino 2022

It is now becoming more and more common for online casinos to also offer Bitcoin as a payment option . But other cryptocurrencies have also made their way into casinos: Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple can often be found alongside Dogecoin.

    1. How long do Best bitcoin casino payments take?

While transactions from e-wallets end up in the customer account within a few seconds, deposits with bitcoins sometimes take a little longer . In some cases, the transfer is visible within a few seconds , but the transaction must be automatically confirmed 6 times in the background.

On average, a block is generated every 10 minutes. By then at the latest your sum has been paid in Bitcoin and you can start gambling.

    1. What actually is bitcoin?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a digital payment method . The basic idea behind the creation of the means of payment was to remove the middleman – the bank – from all transactions. With Bitcoin, transfers can be sent directly from the sender to the recipient .

The second important point of Bitcoin is that data is not stored centrally, for example at the house bank. If the bank is hacked, you may have lost your money. Due to the decentralized storage in the Bitcoin network, this is not possible. There are countless backup copies around the world here . Every participant in the Bitcoin network gets a copy of a complete transaction history.

Thus, every attempt at fraud is nipped in the bud , which makes a Bitcoin Casino extremely safe and reputable.

    1. Are Bitcoin Payments Really Anonymous?

Basically, the means of payment is based on the general anonymity on the Internet. This means that any transactions for private individuals and companies are hardly or not at all traceable . It only becomes interesting if IP addresses and/or Bitcoin addresses (wallets) are known. Because then Bitcoins can very well be assigned to a person or a company.

All transactions between two addresses are publicly and decentrally logged and permanently stored in the Bitcoin network. This means that all transactions that have ever been made are, and always will be, traceable.

    1. How do you mine Bitcoin?

Mining is the central point when dealing with bitcoins. Nowadays it is actually almost impossible to mine bitcoins yourself . The reason for this can be explained relatively quickly: the number of all coins is limited and demand is now extremely high.

To date, the number of coins has decreased due to the great interest, at the same time the value of all bitcoins in circulation is increasing . Since it is now much more difficult to mine coins, it takes an immense amount of effort to create the conditions for this.

The “miner” receives bitcoins by solving a complicated mathematical task on his computer. The coins act as a kind of reward . What were simpler algorithms at the beginning of the currency have become increasingly complex over time. The effort to dig for bitcoins at the moment is immense and almost impossible for the average Joe . There are already huge mining farms in Russia and China for this.

    1. How else do you get bitcoins?

In addition to bitcoin mining, you can also buy bitcoins on exchanges such as Binance or Kraken .

The situation here is similar to that on the stock market, since Bitcoin is subject to constant price fluctuations. Here it is important to choose the right time for the purchase so that you can sell the currency at a later point in time with a profit.

Tip: We recommend not keeping the bitcoins on the exchange after the purchase. If the exchange is hacked, the currency is gone. It is therefore essential to make a payment to your own Bitcoin account or wallet . More information on this can be found at .

    1. Best bitcoin gambling – trustworthy?

For a long time, Bitcoin was just a niche currency that was mined and traded in small circles. In recent years there has been a huge hype about the cryptocurrency and the price even exceeded an incredible 61000 USD in 2021.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Bitcoin is on the way from hype to established currency. In the meantime, the crypto is already accepted by many casinos and thousands of shops around the world . There are even Bitcoin casinos that specialize in this currency.

When it comes to security, private individuals who are not yet very familiar with the subject must be particularly careful. Because when you create a Bitcoin account, a unique code is generated that you absolutely have to write down. If you have misplaced the key, there is no way to get the bitcoins. It is best to write down the information by hand – this way you are safe from hackers.

    1. How does the bitcoin wallet work?

various wallets that you can download on the website . Only if you have such a wallet can you have bitcoins paid out by the exchange.

It is very good that the actual installation of the wallet is very simple . It is actually a bit more complex to find the wallet that really suits your needs. For this you should simply take the necessary time to make a wise decision. How the download works is described in detail below.

1. Choosing the Bitcoin wallet: First you choose the wallet. With “Choose your wallet” you decide on the perfect Bitcoin account for the mobile device or the desktop PC.

2. Source code viewable? Depending on which wallet you choose, you can also view the source code. This ensures perfect transparency and you can be sure that it is a legitimate application.

3. Selection of the exchange page: After installing the wallet, you can get bitcoins via the BTC Exchange Page, which can also be found on the wallet website.

    1. Benefits of Casino with bitcoin

Bitcoin payments are made for everyone in a few minutes. Due to the decentralized nature of the coin, all transactions can be called up and logged at any time .

Furthermore, some people see it as a security currency. If your own currency, for example the euro or the US dollar, should crash, the Bitcoin is not affected. However , the cryptocurrency is also subject to huge price fluctuations . So caution is advised here.

More and more online casinos recognize the legitimacy of bitcoins and accept the means of payment . We estimate that in a few years Bitcoin will be a completely normal payment option, like PayPal or Neteller.

    1. Disadvantages of Bitcoin payments

As already described above, Bitcoin is only offered by a few casinos as a payment method .

Another minus point of the cryptocurrency is the constant price fluctuation . Bitcoin has gained and lost in the three to four digits on some days during the high season. Before buying, it is best to view the history and news so far , so that you can choose the right time for the purchase.

    1. Are there Bitcoin alternatives?

Yes, there are now well over 1,000 other cryptocurrencies on the market. A detailed overview can be found on the website.

Of course, there are many other currencies available for the payment options in the casino:

  • PayPal

  • the two e-wallets Neteller & Skrill

  • Credit cards (VISA & Mastercard )

  • Giropay

  • Sofortüberweisung/Klarna

    1. Bitcoin Casino – Our conclusion

Of course, as the cryptocurrency price increases, it will become more and more popular . The gambling providers also know this and are therefore bringing more and more new Bitcoin casinos onto the market.

The safest, most reputable and best Bitcoin casinos have already expanded their range of slot machines and can now keep up with big names. It will only be a matter of time before long-established casinos jump on the crypto bandwagon.

In our Bitcoin Casino experience, the Playamo Casino was particularly convincing . The welcome bonus with 300 free spins for all first depositors is great.

A lot has also been done in the area of security. Thanks to the license from Curacao, customer funds are safe and can be paid out at any time after the required documents have been sent .

We’ll keep you posted here and update our list of the best bitcoin casinos daily . So you can look around, bet crypto and benefit from the best gaming fun in Bitcoin Casinos!

    1. questions and answers

What happens if I lose my phone and thus my wallet?

This is a big problem if you haven’t made a backup copy. Because without a backup copy, you no longer have a chance to access your bitcoins. We therefore advise all Bitcoin customers to keep the private key in physical form in their own four walls.

Can I receive Bitcoins when my PC or mobile phone is switched off?

Yes, that is possible. The transaction is then noted in the public booking system until a personal wallet connection is reactivated. As a result, a synchronization begins, which completes the transaction.